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Community Coordinated Child Care Lead Agency

2 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ 07065

Jessica Olivera
Program Coordinator

973-923-1433 ext 141

Kim Wilson
Program Specialist

973-923-1433 ext 203

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Looking Back at 2022-2023

Health Subcommittee 

This group provides input in health-related issues and services in the community that impact:

  • Health/ pregnancy/ birth; infant/ child health and development including dental care.

  • Children with special childcare needs

  • Parent/ caregiver health- access to health insurance, routine medical care, dental. And access to related health services when needed- such as, smoking cessation, mental health, substance abuse treatment and more.

Health Subcommittee copy.jpg

UCCYC works with many partners and Central Intake to provide our families with information on Health-Related Issues

story board 5.png

Parents and community stakeholders working on the Handbook.

Community Resource Subcommittee

This group helps to identify available resources and services in the community to identify locations, access and gaps in services and helps to recommend improvement, as needed. Gaps might include transportation, language, and cultural barriers, etc.

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UCCYC Spapng_Page1.png

This is one of the completed projects thanks to the collaboration with Union County Department of Human Services, Division of Social Services (DSS), Community Coordinated Child Care & Union County (CCCC) Council for Young Children (UCCYC)


Ongoing collaboration with the Staff from The Division of Social Services

Tristate campaing.png

Transportation meeting with riders

Transportation Project

UCCYC has worked in collaboration with TriState Campaign to advocate for better and reliable transportation in Elizabeth NJ

Transportation 1 copy.jpg

Transportation Meeting

Education Subcommittee

This group discusses issues and concerns regarding:

  • Quality early care and education programs which may include—Child Care Centers, Family Child Care, Early Head Start/Head Start, Preschool, and Elementary School

  • Transitions for children and their families within early care and education settings—for example, from childcare to preschool or from Early Head Start/Head Start/Preschool to Kindergarten. 

  • Children with special educational needs

  • Educational needs of parents and caregivers, for example GED programs, vocational training, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, Community College, or other education opportunities

  • This group also explores opportunities in the community for children and families to have access to art, dance, music, and sport activities that are affordable.

Education Sub Committee 3.png
Education Sub Committee 2.png
Education Sub Committee 1.png
Parent Flyer.png

UCCYC also provides parent workshops within our education subcommittee

Please join us and be the voice for your children, family, neighborhood, community, and county. You can become an independent seeker of your own solutions! 

For more information on the Union County Council for Young Children (UCCYC), you can visit 

or contact the Program Coordinator Jessica Olivera at (973)923-1433 ext. 141

or at

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