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The Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing inspects every licensed child care center annually to enforce health, safety and educational program requirements. For inspection records or other information on a specific child care center, call the Office of Licensing at 1-877-667-9845 or visit their website.

To search for licensed child care centers and most recent inspection history in New Jersey, click below:

Registered family day care homes are monitored by the Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs), which are community-based organizations contracted by the state in each county. To find out if your family day care home is registered, contact the CCR&R agency where the registered provider resides.


All New Jersey youth camps must register annually with the Department of Health and Senior Service's (NJDOH) Public Health Sanitation and Safety Program. For information about children’s summer camp programs, please contact the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Public Health, Sanitation and Safety Programs

To search for Currently Approved Youth Camps in New Jersey, click below:

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