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Professional Development/ Workshops

Professional development is necessary in order to keep up to date on best practices and to be incompliance of licensing standards. Community Coordinated Child Care is a leader when it comes to teaching adults working with young children. Our goal is to improve professionalism of teachers and the value of care for young children.

Community Coordinated Child Care of Union County offers two types of trainings: On-Site Professional Development and Web-based (online) Professional Development.  


On-Site and Web-Based Workshops


Our on-site trainings are held in a classroom setting (primarily at CCCC). Child care staff, directors and family child care providers can search and register for a workshop by clicking the red "Professional Development/ Trainings” button above.


CCCC offers on-line professional development workshops that can be done from the comfort of your own home. These courses are designed to help early childhood professionals complete annual training requirements and can be used towards:

  • Child Development Associates (CDA) Credential,

  • CDA Renewal

  • Family child care professional development hours

  • Licensing requirements

  • In-service training

  • CCDBG requirements

General Professional Development Workshops

CCCC takes the time to assess the needs of the early care community. Workshops are then developed to meet those needs. Our workshops meet the NJ Department of Education, NJ Office of Licensing and NJ Workforce Registry standards. We also offer continuing education units (CEU’s). Sample workshop topics we offer include: child development, learning theory, parental involvement, assessment and curriculum.


  • Please visit for the most up to date CDA scholarship and grant opportunities.

  • Family Child Care Providers must take Family Child Care Registration Training.

    For additional information about CCCC education and professional development please contact
    Chelsea Miranda or call 973-923-1433 ext.127.  Workshops can also be requested by clicking the following link.


Infant Toddler Specialist Network  


The Infant Toddler Specialist serving Union County provides technical assistance and comprehensive services to coach and enhance the development of licensed child care programs and registered family child care serving infants/toddlers. Specialists will provide professional development, onsite and virtual technical assistance to administrative and program staff working with infants and toddlers.   The statewide Infant Toddler Specialist Network provides coaching, mentoring and consultations that support quality enhancement initiatives using environment rating scales.


For more information contact Rhonda Ciccone Hessler at  973 923 1433 ext. 167


Grow NJ Kids (GNJK) is New Jersey’s quality rating and improvement system designed to:


  • Assess child care and early learning programs

  • Provide training and incentives to improve programming; and

  • Communicate a program’s level of quality to the public. 


Community Coordinated Child Care of Union County works with any state licensed child care center or family child care provider in Union county. CCCC will guide programs through the initial phases of the GNJK process, including NJ Workforce Registry (NJCCIS) enrollment and navigation, a review of health and safety practices and an introduction to the Environmental Rating Scales used to observe classrooms.


Enrolling in Grow NJ Kids provides centers with a way to showcase their program’s commitment to quality. GNJK also helps families better understand quality in early care and education and what to consider when choosing a program for their family. Grow NJ Kids provides an opportunity for continuous improvement of early care and education programs, as well as access to essential resources and support. There are many benefits to Grow NJ Kids, including:


  • An assessment tool to review your program

  • A clear roadmap for improving quality

  • A way to market your higher quality child care program; and

  • Technical assistance to help continue and maintain a high-quality program

Centers can enroll in Grow NJ Kids through NJCCIS at  If you have any questions about Grow NJ Kids, please call Josephine Ahmadein, Quality Improvement Specialist at 973-923-1433 Ext. 106 or email,

Family Engagement Specialist

The Family Engagement Specialist at Community Coordinated Childcare of Union County implements family trainings, coordinates parent cafés and developmental screening events, participates in county councils, and stays up to date with information about developmental screening, Pyramid Model, and other identified topics by DFD to support families. 

Family Engagement Specialist, Guadalupe Lopez, supports child care centers, Family Child Care Providers, and families in Union County. If you would like to reach her, you may contact her via email or phone.  

Email: Phone: 973-923-1433 ext. 151

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