The Department of Human Services, Division of Family (DHS/DFD) is making grants available to support programs and providers participating in the state’s Child Care Subsidy Program to comply with the CCDBG Reauthorization Act requirements. The grants include a specific emphasis on expanding centers’ capacity to serve infants and increasing children’s access to quality programs and providers.
These grants also provide a great opportunity to help programs and providers bring their facility into compliance with health and safety requirements and support the workforce’s ability to participate in the required trainings.
To be considered for any of the grants, child care programs and providers must serve families receiving a subsidy, or commit to accept infants receiving a subsidy, if applying for the infant expansion grant. All programs and providers will be required to comply with all CCDBG requirements.


  • All grants are subject to the requirements of the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Program.

  • Grants are available to eligible child care providers and programs participating or that are interested in serving families and children in the NJ Child Care Subsidy Program and that have not had a serious injury or death that occurred due to a substantiated health or safety violation.

  • Child care providers and programs must register with the NJ Workforce Registry.

  • Child care providers and programs interested in applying for any of the grants must submit an application with all the required documents.

  • All grants are subject to an application review process and some may require a site visit.

  • Grants are based on available funds and released by priority.

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Grow NJ Kids is New Jersey’s new quality rating and improvement system. It is a system designed to create universal standards of quality for all early care and education programs (Head Start, Child Care, Preschool, and Family Child Care) throughout New Jersey. 

By enrolling into Grow NJ Kids, it provides you with a way to showcase your program’s commitment to quality. Grow NJ Kids also provides families with a better understanding about the quality of early care and education programs to consider when determining the needs best for their children.

Grow NJ Kids provides an opportunity for continuous improvement of early education and care programs and provide essential resources and support.

There are many benefits to Grow NJ Kids, including:

  • An assessment tool to review your program

  • A clear roadmap for improving quality

  • A way to market to parents your higher quality child care program; and

  • Technical Assistance to help programs continue and maintain a high quality program

Go to the following website:  for more information. 


Centers can enroll in Grow NJ Kids by clicking on “Providers and Educators” at the top of the web page and then click on “Enroll a Program.”

Family Child Care providers can enroll by contacting Paulina Galan-Olguin, FCC Quality Improvement Specialist at 973-923-1433 Ext. 108.

If you have any questions about Grow NJ Kids, call Janice Szarko, Quality Improvement Specialist at 973-923-1433 Ext. 143 or email her at

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Health and Safety Small Grants

Available Funds: 
Up to $2,000 Registered Family Child Care Programs and Schools
Up to $10,000 Licensed Child Care Centers
Grant Details:
This grant is designed to help with the purchase of items and/or make minor repairs to abate documented health and safety violations. Approved purchases can include bedding mats and/or cots, classroom sinks, protective covers/locks and emergency preparedness kits.

These funds also can be used to meet pre-service health & safety training requirements; including costs incurred for staff to attend Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) required pre-service health & safety training.
Who is Eligible:
Licensed child care centers, registered family child care providers and schools. You must participate in the NJ Child Care Subsidy Program.
To Apply:
Go to If you are eligible for this grant, you will see a Health and Safety Grant quick link on the Facility page. If you need help with the Health and Safety Small Grant – contact the NJ Workforce Registry at 1-877-522-1050.

Program and Classroom Quality Enhancement Grants

Available Funds:
Up to $500 Registered Family Child Care Programs
Up to $2,000 Licensed Child Care Centers
Grant Details:
This grant is designed to improve the quality of programs beyond basic health and safety requirements and standards. Quality improvement should align with the Environment Rating Scales, (ECERS 3, ITERS 3, FCCERS R), or other evident-based improvement assessments when considering age-appropriate material and supply purchases. 
This grant also supports continuous professional development in the areas of Professionalism and Leadership and Program Administration and Management, including business management software and activities, technology support, workshops and conferences.
Who is Eligible:
Licensed child care centers and registered family child care providers who are enrolled in Grow NJ Kids and have completed the Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement Plan.
To Apply:
Programs interested in applying for this grant must contact their regional Grow NJ Kids Technical Assistance center for further instruction.

Infant Expansion Quality Initiative Grants

Available Funds:
$100 monthly per infant*

The monthly rate is per infant enrolled beginning December 2018 for a one (1) year period of service in addition to the subsidy rate. The additional monthly rate per new infant is intended as a bridge until the center becomes fully rated by Grow NJ Kids and is eligible for new enhanced rates under the Grow NJ Kids program.
Grant Details:
There are two types of grants available – Infant Expansion and New Infant Slots – both are aimed at increasing families’ access to quality programs and building capacity in access to infant child care.
Who is Eligible:
Infant Expansion: This grant is designed for licensed child care centers committed to quality and interested in increasing their infant capacity. Programs are required to enroll in Grow NJ Kids.
New Infant Slots: This grant is ONLY available to licensed child care centers that are currently not serving infants of families who receive a subsidy. Programs are required to enroll in Grow NJ Kids.
To Apply:
Download application below

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