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Child care assistance payments are managed through the E-Child Care program. This system tracks and verifies attendance in child care programs. The system will allow providers to:

  • Find out about a child’s authorization,

  • See who is registered at their center,

  • Obtain daily check in/out report and;

  • See other reports on enrollment and attendance

Provider Help Line:


Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week if:

  • You are experiencing technical issues with your equipment

  • Your password has been locked out

  • Your banking information has changed

E-Child Care Meetings/Trainings

CCCC holds meetings and trainings on E-Child Care. Parent training/orientations may be held at the provider site/location upon request. To schedule an appointment for training, please contact us at 973-923-1433. 


  • For the most updated banking forms, visit your ECC Web Portal

  • Apple Users (MAC, IPAD, etc.) - In order to properly use the Provider Web Portal, you will need to use an alternate web browser. Safari is not an acceptable internet browser for the Web Portal. 

Submitting a Manual Attendance Log and/or Discrepancy Form

ECC is the primary attendance reporting system. Submitting an attendance log is a back-up form and specific to ECC. This form DOES NOT replace the parents’ requirement to check their children in and out daily using the ECC system. These forms should be submitted immediately when information was not properly recorded in ECC after the thirteen day back swipe period has passed. This is NOT a guarantee of payment.

When should an attendance log and discrepancy form be submitted?

Alternate attendance reporting & manual payment process are no longer accepted unless it meets one the following “Good Cause” criteria as defined:

•       Exceptional WFNJ cases - i.e. cases not processed within authorized start date Exceptional

•       CPS cases - i.e. cases not processed within authorized start date

•       No Equipment installed

•       System glitch that impacts timely or accurate payment

•       No initial Families First Card Issued or delay in reissuing lost/stolen cards (beyond back swipe period). The applicant must notify the CCR&R.

•       Other- requires prior DFD approval, to be determined on a case by case basis


In accordance with State regulations ‘at N.J.A.C. 10:15-10.3, providers must submit evidence of services being provided and request payment within 60 days of the service provided. Failure to submit this documentation to CCR&R within the established timeframe shall result in forfeiture of payment.

Attention Providers: You will no longer have to submit your Attendance log or Discrepancy form by mail. Submitting your logs and forms via our email will make it easier for us to process your payments in a timely manner. Please click the ECC/Attendance logs button below to submit for processing, thank you.

Please use the form below, when a child is no longer enrolled in your program. Please complete and submit, thank you.

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