CCCC Uploads

(New Applicants)  only
PLEASE USE THE “NEW APPLICANT” button to securely upload Your 

documents if:


You have a “NEW” Subsidy  Application you would like to submit along with ALL of the required documents                                                                       Or

You received a mailed or e-mailed  pending letter requesting additional documents in order to complete your “New” Application.






If you are a Parent who has an existing subsidy case and would like to upload documentation for your annual re-determination please submit them to the





Examples of documents to securely upload includes . Annual re-determination applications, pay stubs, tax documents, birth certificates, social security and other income documents.

Attention Providers: You will no longer have to submit your Attendance log or Discrepancy form by mail.


Submitting your logs and forms via our email will make it easier for us to process your payments in a timely manner.