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Encryption Help

How does encrypted messages work?

Regardless of your email provider or email application, You will be able to read the encrypted message.

If you use Outlook, the experience is seamless. You will receive the message, see that it's encrypted, and be able to open and read the message.If you don't use Outlook, you will receive a limited-time web-view link that will let them read the message.

There's no software to install. Simply open the web-view link to see the encrypted message. 


Step 1. Start by locating the email in your Inbox, then  click on button that says "Read Message"

Step 2. You will be sent to a "Portal Page" where you will have the option to sign into your email account to verify your account or you can choose a one time passcode to be sent to you.

Please Note: If you chose a one time passcode another email will be sent to you with a passcode, use this passcode at the Portal Page

Below is an example using Gmail but regardless of your email provider the step are the same.

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