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Parent Leaders


Community Coordinated Child Care Lead Agency

2 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ 07065

Jessica Olivera
Program Coordinator

973-923-1433 ext 141

Kim Wilson
Program Specialist

973-923-1433 ext 203

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Looking Back at 2022-2023

UCCYC Parent Leaders Recognition

  • One parent was invited to sit on a Parent Panel at the PACTT National Network meeting to discuss their experiences with government programs and their recommendations for policymakers. The goal for their involvement with PACTT is to deepen understanding among state partners of two-generational systems and policy change.

  • Two of our parent leaders were selected to be a part of the 2 Generation PACTT (Parents and Children Thriving Together)

  • Two of our parent leaders also received a certificate at the Parent Leadership Recognition Event sponsored by the Parent Anonymous of New Jersey. This recognition was given to our parents for their active involvement within the community as parent leaders.

From right to left Melba Marcela Henao parent leader, Kim Wilson UCCYC Specialist and Charlene Green (Both parents receiving Certificate of Recognition)

Budgeting Workshop 3.png
  • One of our parents formed their own group under the umbrella of the County Council. The goal for group is to provide a Support and Resources to victims of Domestic Violence.

  • Parent leaders received training are now providing workshops or serving as co-chairs.

  • They advocate for children and families in their community: Helping other parents with school registration, providing community resources information, assisting non-English-speaking parents translating information etc.

  • Parents suggested the following topics to continue their leadership and parent growth: 

  • Exposure

  • How to be part as parent leader

  • Professional Development , Dress for Success and Elevator Speech

  • UCCYC (Parent Leader) was selected to serve as an advisor on the FRIENDS National Center for Community Based Child Abuse Prevention, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to voice their opinion and provide recommendation on topics related to Child Abuse Prevention FRIENDS focuses on Primary and Secondary Prevention efforts and the services associated there. This includes a focus on assisting state Lead Agencies to measure and report on their outcomes in their various programming efforts. and supporting families.

Health Subcommittee copy.jpg

Parent leaders received training and are now providing workshops or serving as co-chairs.

Parent Leaders have their own business cards.

Uccyc Business cards 3.png
Business cards 3.png
Uccyc Business cards 2.png
Uccyc Business cards 4.png
Business cards 2.png
Uccyc Business cards 1.png
Business cards 4.png
Business cards 1.png

Please join us and be the voice for your children, family, neighborhood, community, and county. You can become an independent seeker of your own solutions! 

For more information on the Union County Council for Young Children (UCCYC), you can visit 

or contact the Program Coordinator Jessica Olivera at (973)923-1433 ext. 141

or at

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