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Children's Café


Community Coordinated Child Care Lead Agency

2 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ 07065

Jessica Olivera
Program Coordinator

973-923-1433 ext 141

Kim Wilson
Program Specialist

973-923-1433 ext 203

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UCCYC Parent Leaders




Looking Back at 2022-2023

Children's Café Mission

To connect with other children and create a place where we can share our ideas. We want our voices to be heard in our community. We are not only children, but we are also future leaders!

Children’s Café

Children’s Café was originally created in 2015 during our first UCCYC Council Meeting. In 2020 during the COVID- 19 pandemic, many parents expressed their concerns regarding their children’s lack of social interaction.

In April 2020 one of UCCYC parent leader suggested to host the first Virtual Children’s Café where children could embrace social connection, and bring awareness to our parents about the importance of social and emotional wellbeing and to eventually create future leaders.

Children Cafe 2.png

Aaliyah’s wish is for UCCYC and Children’s Café to exist in the whole world. Aaliyah 6 years old.

Virtual Cafe 4.png

UCCYC Virtual Children’s Café

UCCYC hosts the Virtual Children’s Café where children have the opportunity for social connection through virtual learning during this pandemic and quarantine time. Our purpose was to embrace social connection, bring awareness to our parents about the importance of social and emotional wellbeing of their children and our final goal is to create future leaders.

During the Children’s Café meeting children created their mission statement, goals, and ground rules. Every Monday children at the Children’s Café read their mission statement, goals, and ground rules before each meeting.

Virtual Cafe 1.png
Virtual Cafe 3.png
Virtual Cafe 2.png

Online Cooking Classes

Arts & Crafts Classes with Paint, Canvas & Leaves

Please join us and be the voice for your children, family, neighborhood, community, and county. You can become an independent seeker of your own solutions! 

For more information on the Union County Council for Young Children (UCCYC), you can visit 

or contact the Program Coordinator Jessica Olivera at (973)923-1433 ext. 141

or at

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