Choosing child care is a big decision parents have to make. There are many different types of child care for parents to choose from. Click here Types of Child Care to learn about the different types of child care.


CCCC has a free and private service to help families find child care. Through this service parents can obtain a list of family child care providers or licensed child care centers. They can also discuss their child care options with a specialist.



Children with Special Needs

The Americans with Disabilities Act promises children with disabilities the chance to share in all activities of community life; this includes attending child care. However, not all child care programs may be able to meet your child's needs to your satisfaction. Parents should interview potential providers and visit programs to decide if the caregiver can meet the needs of your child. CCCC’s referral service can help you find providers who have experience caring for children with special needs by contacting our Resource and Referral Department at 973-923-1433 ext 147 or 106. Parents and caregivers can also receive free copies of CCCC's publications, Choosing Child Care: a Guide for Parents of Children with Special Needs and Choosing Child Care: a Provider's Guide for Children with Special Needs. If you are concerned about your child's development please visit the NJ Early Intervention System's "Family Matters" section at

On-Line Referrals

Parents can also receive child care referrals on-line, anytime of day. Click here for an On-Line Referral


Community Coordinated Child Care Parent Satisfaction Survey

CCCC’s Parent Satisfaction Surveys are included in all referral packets. This survey allows parents to give feedback on the services provided to them when they call for a child care referral.

CCCC Parent Satisfaction Survey


Paying for Child Care

For help paying for child care click here Payment Assistance to visit our section. You can also call 973-923-1433, ext. 147 or 106 to talk about your options or to receive a child care referral.


Agency Disclaimer

The names given by CCCC are referrals of people who take care of children. They may or may not meet your child care needs. We cannot guarantee information about any provider. We do not license, or recommend any one provider. We can’t be sure that all give quality care. You should visit more than one provider to see what is best for your family. Then you should decide for yourself if any fits your needs. Please feel free to call us if you need more referrals, or have any questions.




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